MANO solution

MANO solution

The Huawei MANO solution is dedicated to building an agile, intelligent, and open cloud network management and orchestration system. As the smart brain of the fully cloudified network, Huawei MANO solution uses AI and Big Data technologies to implement automatic deployment, configuration, scaling, and healing and to finally enable a fully autonomous network, implementing intent-driven self-optimization and cost-aware self-planning.

The solution provides software of the CloudOpera Orchestrator NFV running on the carrier network, the remote service tool platform AIDO for quick service innovation and provisioning, and the automatic, digital O&M system IES Assurance.

Service Innovation and Agile Provisioning

The model-driven AIDO tool facilitates network service design. Orchestrator NFV enables automatic VNF deployment and automatic network orchestration, shortening new service rollout, trial and error, and TTM durations and implementing one-click service provisioning.

Unified NFVI Resource Management

Provides unified NFVI resource management and rights- and domain-based multi-tenant management. Forecasts resource usage trends based on the NFV service load and DC resource usage. Simulates VNF deployment and DC DR switchover scenarios to check DC resource sufficiency. Enables proper planning and efficient management of DC resources, significantly reducing CAPEX.

Zero-touch O&M Platform

Provides centralized O&M management for multi-vendor, multi-service, and hybrid networks, provides a unified monitoring overview of performance data and alarms, implements cross-layer alarm correlation and root cause analysis, and enables automatic scaling and fault self-healing based on user-defined policies, helping carriers reduce OPEX.


Agile Service Rollout

One-click VNF deployment and automatic network orchestration remarkably reduce the labor cost of network service deployment and accelerate the rollout of new services, shortening TTM by 80%.


Zero-touch O&M

Centralized alarm reporting and RCA across DCs, layers, and vendors are provided for automatic alarm handling. Additionally, policy-driven O&M closed-loop management helps carriers enable automatic O&M of cloud-based networks and reduce OPEX.


Efficient and Proper NFVI Resource Management

Unified management of multi-vendor, multi-DC resources, rights- and domain-based tenant management, and outstanding DC resource forecast and simulation capabilities are provided to help carriers efficiently plan and manage DC resources and reduce CAPEX.