Cloud Reshapes Enterprise Communications


Cloud Reshapes Enterprise Communications

Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communication Promotion Flash

The Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communications solution uses advanced cloud architecture to break through traditional communication constraints. Using this solution, operators can provide enterprises with a unified communications solution that offers a variety of services, including one-stop cloud PBX, video conferencing, voice conferencing, data conferencing, and IM.

The Cloud Enterprise Communications solution meets enterprise requirements on asset-light operation, on-demand subscription, simplified O&M, and fixed/mobile synchronization. It uses carrier-class architecture and security standards to construct a stable and secure communication environment for enterprises. It provides a wealth of multimedia services and features excellent exposure capability and interoperability.

Customer Value



On-demand deployment, 4-level
operation and management portal, minute-level service expansion, on-demand subscription, multi-tenancy, SBC integration, cloud service security



APIs and SDKs for CEBP & Vertical applications, fulfilling various industry requirements. Atomizing and scenario-specific APIs for building the industry ecosystem



Convergent of PBX, UC, CC and Video/data Conference. Unified IMS platform, FMC, one-stop cloud communication service platform for enterprises


Device-Cloud Synergy

A wide variety of cloud-ready devices that applies to multiple scenarios and supports full connections to meet different customer requirements

Technical Topics

NFV constructs convergent new network

Operators use cloud computing technologies to implement resource sharing, flexible allocation, and software and hardware decoupling.

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Fixed Network Modernization

Huawei has gained rich experience in the fixed network modernization project. Huawei can help customers quickly and securely implement network reconstruction and inherit all old services to provide more multimedia services.

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