AUTIN, Digitized Operations Services


AUTIN, Digitized Operations Services

AUTIN, Digitized Operations Services solution include Operation Consulting (OC) services and Operation Web Services. These comprise Huawei's mature operations capabilities, which are delivered in an open, cloud services format, helping telcos transform their operations. The OC services leverage Huawei's 13 years of experience in operations and the successful management of over 160 networks worldwide.

For customers, the service provides customized paths for transforming operations and personnel skills. It also enables the system design and integration of digital operations.Operations Web Services use software as a service (SaaS) to provide backbone applications and self-developed APP, allowing customers to deploy new applications quickly.

Customer Value


Operation efficiency improvement

Help operators solve the last mile issue for managing field operations, and improve efficiency and transparency of operation management. It provides real-time, online, and visualized status information on ICT operation workflow, delivery resource as well as operations resources


Shorten MTTR

Enable automated alarm association/compression, automated fault diagnosis and recovery, automated creation and the intelligent scheduling of work orders, shorten MTTR. Replacing repetitive manual tasks with machines speeds up operations, improving accuracy, standardization and quality.


speedup operation transformation

Cloud-based digital operation platform with micro services architecture - OWS, the time for deployment and implementation is very short which in turn enables operators to access the applications very quickly. With the SaaS business model there is no upfront fee as the payment is based only on what you use which results in cost optimization.


share ecosystem value

Provides an open ecosystem, By exposing the capabilities and global practice of more than 160 network operations, help customers realizing operation transformation.

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