DSP Solution


DSP Solution

The Dynamic Subscriber Profile (DSP) is the new generation of data management solution of Huawei, which is focused on user-centric data aggregation and openness to provide the best real-time, fully connected data aggregation, analysis and open solution to help operators rapidly develop 4G users, improve operational efficiency and accelerate the business innovation.

The DSP solution integrates multiple data sources such as the network management information, the service domain information (billing, BSS, CRM, other data) and the network domain information (signaling data, terminal information, location data, user subscription data) by using efficient data integration technology. The DSP solution utilizes flexible and advanced data open interfaces to provide operators and third parties with rich and easy integration APIs to innovate and optimize carrier operations and to build a data innovation ecosystems along with vertical industries. A variety of unified data authentication and data privacy protection mechanisms are provided to ensure the safe and legitimate use of data to protect the appropriate rights and interests of operators and end users.

DSP solution provides more than 20 business scenario use cases to help customers quickly develop 4G users, operational excellence and open innovation: such as 4G terminal precise marketing, convenient SIM to USIM card self-upgrade, automatic subscription of 4G services, insight and recommendation of 4G package, efficient VAS integration, Mobile ID based unified authentication and more. These DSP use cases are based on real-time user location, terminal information, user preferences and other joint innovation business.

As the latest GSMA certified provider, Huawei provides mobile connectivity (Mobile Connect) function through the DSP solution. Mobile Connect is a secure, universal identity authentication solution based on unified ID authentication and authorization mechanism that integrate carrier network and service provider system to create a unified ID authentication center to provide the same login experience solution worldwide. This not only simplifies the user login experience, while enhancing the security and reducing the risk of identity theft; but also can be combined with the user profile function of DSP to enrich business scenarios and enhance user experience.

DSP also provides business and network consulting services for rapid customization of business scenarios to meet the rich personalized needs of operators, which are based on deep insight of carrier data assets to help operators achieve future-oriented data operations.

Customer Value


Rapid development of 4G users

To help end-to-end development of 4G users, more accurate, more convenient and more efficient


Accelerate business innovation

Safe open based on a unified user profile, rich case enable business innovation easily and quickly


Improve operational efficiency

The aggregation of valuable data of whole network, island is not, operational efficiency significantly improved

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DSP Solution

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