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Network Experience PLUS

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Huawei Network Experience PLUS topic evolves continually. It is focused on the business value support specific to network performance and service experience. Providing differentiated network & service experience, together with the positive circle of “Superior Network - Rich Service - Excellent Experience - Business Growth”. It aims to help customers transform their network advantage towards business advantage, maximizing network value.

Customer Value


Network Performance Improvement

Investment effectiveness, Healthy Network


Service Experience Improvement

Differentiated Network & Service Experience


Network Business Value Improvement

Maximize Network Business Value

Technical Topics

Improving Investment Effectiveness Based on Geographical Network Data Mining and Analysis

Mobile traffic has increased exponentially since the dawn of the mobile internet. According to the VNI (Visual Networking Index), growth in mobile data traffic from 2013 to 2018 has been projected to increase by 61% of CAGR each year. 

Efficient Integration Ensures Smooth Network Evolution

Rapidly growing data services result in a continuously increasing load on the network. Providing users with high-speed, stable and boundless quality network services in any position on the network is a common challenge that all operators face.