MBB User Migration Solution


MBB User Migration Solution

Approximately 2.5 billion users around the globe will be migrated to MBB networks in the next three years. Such large-scale user migration is both an opportunity and a challenge to operators. Huawei, with a large number of developed markets, focuses on how to help operators attract and migrate users to their MBB networks and provide better MBB network experience, to increase the network traffic volume and their revenues.

Customer Value 


Increase of Network Revenue

After 2G user migration to 3G/4G networks, traffic volume increases, promoting ARPU


Elimination of Network Bottlenecks

Precise network planning ensures network coverage, quality, and capacity to retain the original users and attracts new potential users from other networks


Increase of ROI

The smart CAPEX methodology ensures network construction in the most profitable areas to improve ROI


Protection of User Experience

The construction of high-quality networks in profitable areas ensures user experience

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