Small Cell, New Business Model in Big Data Era


Small Cell, New Business Model in Big Data Era

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Mobile data traffic is experiencing an exponential growth, driven by data capable devices and high bandwidth applications (APPs). 80% of data traffic is generated from hotspots and indoor locations. 

Small Cell is an important element that forms coordinated HetNet in indoor and outdoor hotspots and coverage holes to seamlessly increase network capacity. It opens up new business models like crowdsourcing, significantly improves network quality and user experience, and sustains continuous profitability for both operators and enterprises.

Customer Value


Crowdsourced Sites to Sustain On-Demand Deployment

Sites for small cells, like lamp poles, bus stop boards, and billboards, are widely available and add deployment flexibility


New Business Models toward Enterprise Blue Ocean

Small cell supports features like indoor position and passenger flow analysis in hotspots to create opportunities to share enterprise markets


Going digital' to give a superb indoor experience

Small cell allows a 10-fold rate increase over DAS to deliver a better user experience in indoor scenarios

Technical Topics

AtomCell Transmission White Paper

Transmission solutions for small cells, which cover transmission over optical fiber and backhaul over xDSL, microwave, Wi-Fi, and eRelay

LampSite Technical White Paper

Six solutions are provided for small cells to ensure E2E O&M efficiency. Unified platform and tool-based methods help further reduce O&M costs.

HetNet Networking and Coordination Planning

RHUB and pRRU are connected via Ethernet cables to ease site access. pRRU supports PoE power supply and central power backup to ease deployment.

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Indoor Digitalization Solution

With new indoor coverage solutions still unavailable to competitors, Huawei has the upper hand in seizing opportunities in indoor, 'Blue Ocean' markets.

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Crowdsourcing Solution

With crowdsourcing, sites like booths, bus stop boards, and poles can be used for small cell deployment, yielding new business models and improving ROI.

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Enterprise Market Solutions for Operators

Service Anchor allows interaction between cellular and IT networks to grow customer bases and create opportunities in enterprise markets.