WTTx, Innovative Broadband Solution for Household

WTTx, Innovative Broadband Solution for Household

WTTx is a 4G & 4.5G-based broadband access solution, which uses wireless to provide fiber-like broadband access for household.WTTx boasts superior network performance, low cost, fast deployment, easy maintenance, and rich services. Operators that deploy WTTx can return their investment in two years. WTTx is an ideal solution for fixed, mobile or new operators. It has already been verified on various customer networks all over the world.

Customer Value


Investment Risk Prevention

WTTx can reuses resources of existing GSM & UMTS networks and can be used to identify potential broadband users to prevent investment risks for operators


Double-Digit Growth

Suburban / rural need broadband service and old urban where DSL experience is poor need acceleration, huge market makes double-digit growth


Shorten ROI Period

FTTx networks are complex and take a long time to deploy and launch. WTTx and FTTx mixed construction can speeds up broadband deployment and shorten ROI 3 years


Short TTM

WTTx means fast deployment broadband for last-mile, without digging trenches and installing cables underground, this significantly features can shortening the TTM

Technical Topics

WTTx Capacity White Paper

Capacity of WTTx networks is planned based on capacity requirements of the live network and future service development.