CloudDB Solution


CloudDB Solution

To cloudify the traditional SDM, Huawei developed CloudDB, which is oriented towards the 5G and ICT convergence. It builds a unified and convergent data center to manage subscriber data efficiently and flexibly. The CloudDB uses layered decoupling and hardware virtualization mechanisms to construct public interfaces at the data layer, helping carriers accelerate NFV transformation, quickly deploy services, and accelerate the launch of new services.The CloudDB solution supports hybrid deployment of NEs including the HLR, IMS-HSS, SAE-HSS, AAA, PCRF, ENUM, DNS, and EIR. Such deployment enables 2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, and VoWiFi subscriber data to be managed in a centralized manner, ensures consistent experience for subscribers when they access different types of networks, and helps carriers simplify their networks, implement unified service provisioning.

Customer Value
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    Facilitates service innovation

    Provides a convergent data model to integrate third-party services flexibly, accelerating the rollout of new services.

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    Optimizes subscriber experience

    Manages subscriber data in a unified manner, integrates multiple NEs, and provides high reliability and low latency, ensuring consistent experience for subscribers when they access different types of networks.

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    Ensures efficient operation

    Provides a highly integrated data platform, simplifying network deployment, allowing flexible and scalable capacity expansion, and improving network security and operation efficiency.