Best 5G through Global Services

Aiming at carriers' business objectives, Huawei provides digital technologies to help carriers accelerate transformation, seize opportunities, achieve revenue increase and efficiency improvement, and make preparations to achieve business success in the 5G era.


Accelerating 5G Deployment by Digital Technology

Huawei introduces photogrammetry technology and BIM modeling technology into telecommunication engineering, to reshape digital delivery mode and accelerate 5G deployment.

Digitization Simplified 5G Deployment

Combining an expertise in the future technologies of AI and Cloud Computing, Huawei is leading the new wave of telecom tech with 5G. With effective base stations already established in over 170 regions around the world, Huawei is now making it more efficient for engineers to do site survey.

Robust Network Service, Accelerate To Intelligent Maintenance

Huawei Robust Network Service with AI enabled predictive maintenance, will help you achieve a stable, reliable and always available communications network, and Huawei is spearheading over 20 Robust Network Service projects globally. Intelligent Maintenance Future is Here and Now!


  • 5G Business Design

    4G has changed people‘s life, and 5G has changed society. 5G will enable connectivity of everything. However, how 5G will make business success is a difficult issue in the industry, including how to make money from 5G? What is 5G killer service? How to enter such as 5G vertical industry? Huawei needs to cooperate with carriers to build 5G business capabilities, to support operators achieve 5G business success.

  • 5G Planning and Design

    At the early stage of 5G, telecom operators will face many uncertainties about services, standards, technologies, and resources. Huawei's S.P.E.E.D. methodology helps operators select the optimal strategy, quantify the resource investment, and accelerate the commercial deployment of 5G.
    [NOTE] S.P.E.E.D. stands for Synergetic Plan and E2E Design.

  • 5G Optimization

    Facing the high complexity of 5G networks and diversified requirements for massive services, Huawei achieves the network experience plus drived from the best inventory network optimization. Improve network performance precisely by using key capabilities such as MDT, M-MIMO Opt., and 4&5G synergistic opt. Improve differentiated experience dynamically through the measurement, visualization, and improvement of 5G new services.

  • 5G Rollout

    We have been trying to make breakthroughs to make 5G rollout easier.
    Huawei 5G digital engineering solution is based on site digitalization. Data drives service. All actions are changed from manual to automatic and intelligent. Digital engineering solution includes digital survey, synchronization evaluation, smart design and AI quality check etc. We are ready for 5G rollout.

  • 5G Ultra-simplified Operations

    The AI technology is used to encapsulate O&M assets, continuously improving automation and intelligence, and ensuring autonomous driving of network. Based on the experience of managing global 160+ network operations, Huawei opens the prediction and prevention services of automatic and intelligent operations in all-domain full scenario to customers, to improve the autonomous driving capability of network operations.