Aspiring Mobility Monetization


Aspiring Mobility Monetization

HUAWEI launched assisted operation toolkit for Unlimited/Large Data Monitization, which includes traffic insight, forecast, and traffic yield management. This toolkit is designed to resolve traffic monetization problems and creat positive business cycle for operators in unlimited/large data service .

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    Monetize Traffic Further

    Real-time control and adjustment of peak traffic growth, profitability of every gigabyte, and traffic operation policies help operators continue to derive value from traffic.

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    Monetize Differentiated Experience

    New packages with varying delay, rate, and resolution are new business opportunities for operators to increase their service revenue.

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    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Guaranteed experience and coordination between business strategies and network deployment optimize network experience, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce churn rate.

This capability operations center of carrier networks performs atomic-level orchestration on value-added service and network infrastructure capabilities. CloudMSE virtualizes and enables Gi-LAN service capabilities in the CloudEdge solution and schedules networks to OTT requirements for multifunctional service innovation.

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