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Innovative Digital Services

In the digital era, operators transform in terms of network, operation, and business to meet new market demands. Convenient and innovative digital services generate new revenue streams, enhancing operator branding and improving user loyalty. Mobile Money is a convenient financial service for unbanked users that operators can provide by taking advantage of their broad network coverage. RingShow (Huawei Video Ringback Tone) is a distinctive VoLTE service, acting as a superior entertainment and business platform for individuals, companies, and advertisers.

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    Revenue Stream Generation

    Create operator revenue streams by meeting diverse user demand with new digital services that differ from traditional communication services

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    Improved User Loyalty

    Create operator competitiveness with convenient and innovative digital services, enhancing brand image and reducing churn

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On the money in Bangladesh with bKash

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RingShow, a service delivered over VoLTE network, is the next evolution of the revenue-generating mobile entertainment service – music ringback tones.

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