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IoT Cloud Services Accelerate Business Success

As the global IoT industry gains traction, IoT has become a strategic basic business for telecom carriers. IoT-based smart cities will be the largest market for global carriers to grow their IoT business. Huawei's global IoT cloud services and Glocal ecosystem will help carriers quickly access and deploy IoT services, and accelerate their business success in IoT

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    Enhanced Connectivity

    Enables more IoT connections to be established on operators' networks

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    Open Ecosystem

    Cooperates with global suppliers for the formation of local ecosystems

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    Improved Value

    Facilitates operators in IoT service oriented transformation and data monetization

Industry Perspective

Success Stories

NB-IoT Enables a Smart Yingtan

The city of Yingtan, together with China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom, has deployed the world's first NB-IoT network with full coverage.

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Economic Benefits of IoT

The rapid development of the Internet has led to the "connectivity of everything", which is gaining momentum as a popular social development trend. The progress achieved in both technological and application fronts is the central focus of all industries. In recent years, smart home and intelligent government administration have been realized with the help of IoT.

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Orange & Huawei: IoT pioneers

Orange’s latest IoT technology (NB-IoT) has been rolled out in all of Belgium. Huawei has helped integrate IoT in the Orange network. Discover in this inspiring video how Orange, Huawei and their local partners Innovco shape NB-IoT & LTE-M in Belgium.

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Hot Technology

  • IoT Security White Paper 2018

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is comprised of billions of connected devices and is becoming part of our everyday life. The changing service environment brings new security threats and challenges to various industries. The 3T+1M security architecture focuses on the security features of the device, pipe (network), cloud, and platform to address security threats and gets continued evolution and technological innovations for different industries. This architecture builds security in innovation and meets diverse security requirements in evolution.

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  • NB-IoT smart gas solution white paper

    Existing smart gas meters are helping natural gas suppliers address some of the challenges they face. However, many problems remain unsolved. Data transmission is unstable, power consumption is too high, and the metering success rate is too low. Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology can provide security, wide coverage, massive connectivity, low power consumption, all at a low cost. It is an ideal solution to the preceding problems and is well equipped to meet natural gas customers' development requirements.

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