Industry Cloud

Industry Cloud

Industries' digital transformation is accelerating ,more and more enterprises will put their business into the cloud to Improve efficiency, until 2025, all enterprises will use the cloud technology, more than 85% of enterprise applications will be deployed in the cloud. Each enterprise will actively combine their own business characteristics to explore their own optimization program. It will be a great market opportunity for operators. In this process, operators can take advantage of their own advantages, by providing cloud services for enterprises to obtain new value opportunities. It’s a new business model for operators.

Huawei and operators together have deployed several cloud platforms , to provide cloud services, such as GIS (geographic information systems), HPC (high-performance computing), video surveillance. Huawei is willing to support more operator partners to build cloud platforms to achieve commercial success in the cloud services market, with cloud computing solutions, service capabilities, ecological construction.

Business Value


Adapting Enterprise Requirements

Provide industry templates through bare metal, unified resource managements which matches the IT requirements of enterprises


Cloud and Network Synergy

Support unified orchestration and deployment for IT and network resources


Open, Win-Win Ecosystem

Build ecosystem with carrier and partners, based on OpenStack architecture

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