New Zealand National Broadband

New Zealand National Broadband

Since launching the UFB (Ultra-Fast Broadband) national broadband project in 2009, in 5 short years, New Zealand went from having the lowest broadband levels among OECD nations to becoming the leader in broadband penetration and fiber coverage.

nz ufb project

For New Zealand, which is located in the Southern Pacific far from the mainland, innovation and connectivity is particularly important. In early 2000, New Zealand had the lowest penetration rates among OECD nations. In 2008, the New Zealand government officially designated national broadband as a national strategy and announced an investment of NZD 1.5 billion (approx. USD 1 billion) for the establishment of ultra-fast broadband (UFB). Based on the public-private partnership (PPP) model, the government founded Crown Fibre Holdings to be responsible for the establishment of the national broadband project with planned coverage of 75% of New Zealand homes and businesses. Today, New Zealand's broadband penetration rate ranks first among OECD nations, and the country has achieved nationwide fiber coverage. This has also greatly boosted New Zealand's economic development.

As a partner of New Zealand’s national broadband project, Huawei delivers E2E network solutions.

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