China Mobile Migu: CBA Games Now Live via 5G

China Mobile Migu: CBA Games Now Live via 5G

China Mobile Beijing, Migu, and Huawei have recently worked together on delivering a successful live broadcast of a CBA game in the Cadillac Arena. The project used 5G network slicing technology, which accelerated the adoption of 5G to become a part of everyday life. The live broadcast's success was the result of China Mobile Beijing's continuous exploration into 5G applications and cultivating new services, and the event shows the mobile service provider's commitment and capabilities in developing the industry.

Cadillac Arena in Beijing

As the 5G era begins, our lives are continuously enriched by such major 5G services as AR, VR, and HD live streaming, along with other enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) services.

This 5G live broadcast was conducted in the Cadillac Arena, one of Beijing's landmarks and an important sports venue of the city. With the government's support for the 5G industry, China Mobile Beijing and Migu, the digital content subsidiary of China Mobile, provided the live broadcast based on 5G network slicing. Basketball fans were able to remotely experience an unparalleled immersive game using a VR headset.

In this service demonstration, Huawei's 4.9 GHz 64T64R AAUs were used for indoor and outdoor coverage. 5G network slicing technology flexibly allocates and distributes network resources, and dynamically optimizes network connections to meet the bandwidth and network quality requirements of the live broadcast.

With onsite commissioning, a single user that is connected to a 4T8R antenna can experience data rates of up to 2.8 Gbps downlink and 200 Mbps uplink. The premium 5G network can ensure excellent user experience of 4K live streaming, making it the preferred choice for live broadcasting sporting events.

5G base station deployed near the arena

In the race towards 5G, Beijing has taken the lead over all the cities in China. This year, China Mobile Beijing will aim at "staying ahead in 5G", and it has made plans to build a user-centered 5G network that provides superior experience and prioritizes operations.

In the future, 5G networks will be combined with numerous vertical industries to bring about dramatic change. China Mobile Beijing is focusing on nine verticals like video, transportation, education, energy, industry, and healthcare. Its aim is to create ways to integrate vertical applications with 5G networks based on the particular needs of each vertical industry, and achieve shared successes in the process.