Henan's Xinzheng to Build Asia's Biggest Smart Logistics Town

Henan's Xinzheng to Build Asia's Biggest Smart Logistics Town

On April 7, 2019, Transfar Zhilian, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province, China Telecom Henan, and Huawei Technologies signed the Agreement on Building a 5G-enabled Smart Logistics Park, in an effort to build Asia's biggest smart logistics town in Xinzheng.

Xinzheng, Henan province, is known as the birthplace of China's legendary hero the Yellow Emperor and the birthplace of Chinese civilization. The town is now trying to define itself in another way: by building a world-leading smart logistics town.

The smart logistics town is part of China's "specialty town" initiative where local governments are asked to identify what makes their area unique and create an overarching theme by combining industry, tourist attractions, and the local lifestyle. Xinzheng selected logistics. Positioned as the interface between manufacturers and consumers, logistics is a fast growing industry, benefiting from the rise of e-commerce and new retail.

The signing ceremony was attended by representatives from the four involved parties and witnessed by top officials from the Henan provincial government, as well as the general manager of China Telecom Henan.

This move will accelerate the application of 5G in the logistics industry, marking an important step in Henan's digitization and innovation initiatives.

Leveraging higher bandwidth provided by the 5G network, the Xinzheng Smart Logistics Town will deploy HD video surveillance, AR-enabled security robots, and unmanned forklifts. 5G enables better network quality and more efficient network traffic in the logistics park, as well as lower cost of use and cheaper maintenance on a simplified network architecture. The widespread use of 5G in the administration and security of the logistics park will ensure the park stands as a leading example of the benefits of 5G.

The logistics park will use China Telecom's eCloud services to digitize the logistics industry, using artificial intelligence and automation to sort goods more efficiently. Working with partners on joint innovation projects, the park seeks to position itself as the benchmark for China's new logistics, building lighthouse projects to be replicated.

While 4G has changed lives, 5G will transform the world. 5G will help spark the digital economy, enabling the rapid development of emerging industries, like connected cars, Industrial Internet, virtual reality, and mobile healthcare, creating new growth drivers worth trillions of yuan.

Leveraging the high speed, low latency, and high capacity provided by 5G, the park will serve as a demonstration of how 5G can be used in the logistics industry, as well as in smart industrial park management.

The park will be more than a simple logistics industry cluster. Combining a strong logistics industry and rapidly evolving technologies, the park will provide a wide range of services that help businesses grow and prosper, boost the local economy, and improve the region's competitiveness. In addition, the use of 5G will usher in a bright future for the smart logistics town and a new era for Xinzheng.