China Telecom Jiangxi IPTV: Build New Ultimate Experience


China Telecom Jiangxi IPTV: Build New Ultimate Experience

Wave after Wave of Technology, Changing Our Day-to-day Lives

Each new wave of IT development ushers in an epic transformation of communications applications, from single voice services, to data services, with their unlimited possibilities. This transformation has pushed video, a more intuitive communications medium, into the forefront. IPTV, Internet TV, mobile TV, and other video services are all new developments based on well-known, traditional, cable TV services. These video services are becoming cross-platform, multi-screen, and omnimedia.

The television is usually the largest screen in the home. TV services are of vital importance to video service development. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television, usually operated by telecom carriers, is an emerging technology that provides interactive services such as digital TV for household subscribers through a broadband internet connection. IPTV integrates the Internet with multi-media, and communications technologies. The development and popularization of IPTV in recent years has driven a great functional change in the television. The TV has become yet another option for subscribers wishing to watch videos, make calls, and store photos.

A National Strategy, A Launch of New Video Services

China Telecom has always promoted and provided IPTV services for Chinese homes. The Jiangxi branch of China Telecom (China Telecom Jiangxi) leads the China Telecom group in implementing the national strategy "Broadband China". In October 2016, China Telecom Jiangxi completed the construction of an all-optical network in Jiangxi, making Jiangxi the first all-optical province in central China. The typical bandwidth of China Telecom Jiangxi's broadband subscribers has jumped from 2 Mbit/s or 4 Mbit/s years ago to the current 200 Mbit/s. The company has also officially launched a 1000 Mbit/s broadband product. High-speed broadband is the foundation for the industry's coming video upgrade. This is the background, which has given birth to China Telecom Jiangxi IPTV Video 3.0.

In May 2017, China Telecom Jiangxi launched IPTV Video 3.0 based on the consensus built by and in cooperation with Jiangxi Network TV and multiple channels, content, and technology providers. IPTV Video 3.0 integrates powerful technologies from Huawei and extensive IPTV operations experience from BesTV. Internet-based IPTV Video 3.0 supports 4K/8K video, live broadcast, intelligent on-demand services, voice search, multi-screen interaction, UI customization, and more. Through IPTV Video 3.0, China Telecom Jiangxi aims to lead the video service industry in platform architecture, service, and operations, improve service and operations capabilities and efficiency; and to boost the subscriber base and ARPU. China Telecom Jiangxi describes IPTV Video 3.0 as being defined by new networks, new platforms, new applications, new products, new services, a new ecosystem, and a whole new experience.

The Video 1.0 era gave us traditional satellite TV services, and Video 2.0 focused on pay TV and OTT TV services. Today is the era of Video 3.0, with convergent, cross-industry video services. China Telecom Jiangxi is building a foundation of recording, enriching, and improving life with video. They develop and innovate, and gradually expand the scope of their services from home entertainment, to communications and industrial video applications.

Born for the Ultimate Video Experience

Video is a classic user experience-driven service. User experience is fundamental to video service competitiveness. Based on Huawei's Envision video platform, China Telecom Jiangxi IPTV Video 3.0 provides a series of intelligent products and applications related to the big video. China Telecom Jiangxi strives to guarantee the optimal video experience for their subscribers.

Lightning Fast

Key technologies such as fast channel change, fast EPG (Electronic Program Guide) loading, symmetric/asymmetric TCP acceleration, and video traffic shaping ensure that there are no frame freezes, no artifacts, no waiting; from a live broadcast, the channel can be changed within 0.5 seconds; VOD loading can be finished in 1 second, and EPG page can be displayed within a second.

Easy and Intuitive

Content preview allows a subscriber to use the remote to browse content broadcasting on other channels without exiting the program they are watching at the moment. A user-friendly menu lets you access your viewing history from the home page, enables resumable playback, and facilitates content search. Frequently visited key services are conveniently arranged in a way that lets subscribers find what they want quickly and easily. In addition, subscribers can also perform remote control and search operations over the voice, making service usage more convenient and casual.

Enjoyable and Immersive

An immersive, integrated, more efficient UI with fluid visual design features provides a truly immersive experience. Unlike an old-fashioned TV, a floating navigation control icon lets you surf channels with ease. Hotkeys lets you browse the channels by category or jump directly to the TV home page. The live TV Picture in Picture (PIP) function breaks with tradition, allowing subscribers to watch and search for content at the same time. Poster style content preview and a navigation drawer give you what you see is what you get browsing. Video calls between a TV set and a mobile phone make it possible for those who are away from home to have face-to-face HD communication anytime anywhere with their loved ones at home.

Ultimate Service Experience

Role-based UIs are provided for common users, children, and seniors. The individual preferences of each family member are taken into consideration. Subscribers can have a personalized video UI that is customized for them based on big data analysis and intelligent desktop orchestration. Intelligent home surveillance makes it possible to see your loved ones from afar. The telecom family cloud, with TB-level storage, allows you to share and browse photos, videos, and other files between family members and across multiple screens, including TVs, smartphones, and PCs, helping you keep these memories forever.

The fast, simple, immersive, and caring features of IPTV Video 3.0, from China Telecom Jiangxi, offer an industry-leading video experience that is simple, fluid, personalized, immersive, and easy to operate. Subscribers can not only watch TV, but engage with their TVs, which greatly improves user experience and increases service usage time.

A New Video Ecosystem for Commercial Success

The launch of IPTV Video 3.0 is a reflection of industry-wide improvements. Online and offline channels, content and applications, large screens and small screens, products and payments, video/audio services and cross-industry services are all converging. IPTV Video 3.0 provides an optimal video experience, and comprehensive functions and applications. It is destined to become a fantastic new revenue source for China Telecom Jiangxi. Statistics from China Telecom Jiangxi show that the company's IPTV video service is expected to cover more than 4 million households by the end of 2017.

Today's technological revolution has penetrated into every vertical industry there is. Traditional industries are reacting with tremendous changes. Crowd-sourced innovation and entrepreneurship are gaining momentum. Cross-industry cooperation and connection are shaping the future. The IPTV industry must make sure these platforms are fully open, integrating all service forms, developing new business models, and sharing with the industrial chain to achieve win-win outcomes. Let us all embrace the coming age of IPTV.