CloudCampus Supports Henan Telecom to Achieve New Growth in the B2B Market

CloudCampus Supports Henan Telecom to Achieve New Growth in the B2B Market

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About Henan Telecom:

As a leading integrated information services provider, Henan Telecom is committed to providing customers and partners with high-quality broadband and mobile communications services. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend in the telecom industry, as well as the impacts of mobile Internet technologies, today's carriers face tremendous pressure to increase revenue on their traditional services. However, the telco's government and enterprise business (B2B) is growing quickly at a rate of more than 50% every year. The hotel industry in particular, hopes to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data to transform its operational models, placing higher demands on telecom services. Carriers are also increasingly targeting the hotel sector as a major vertical market.

The Noble International Hotel (NIH) is a five-star hotel located in the central business district of Zhengdong New District in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, near the Zhengzhou International Conference & Exposition Center and the Henan Art Center. Although the hotel is equipped with top-class meeting facilities, its network infrastructure was too outdated to deliver comprehensive meeting services. NIH hoped to adopt an advanced and intelligent solution to support its business development and improve customer satisfaction.

Business Challenges

NIH had a strong need for quick deployment of high-speed Wi-Fi

NIH's network equipment was old and the Wi-Fi coverage was poor. Customer complaints of poor wireless connection were common and had a negative impact on the number of hotel bookings. NIH guests require high-speed Wi-Fi coverage in the banquet hall, meeting room, and lobby. However, NIH's budget did not allow for the deployment of a new Wi-Fi network, which would require the procurement of a large amount of equipment including APs, ACs, NMS, and portal servers. Besides, the service provisioning cycle would be too long and professional personnel would be needed for network maintenance. The enormous project costs and complexity would make it impossible to quickly provision new services.

Operators needed to explore new business models to avoid being reduced to a mere "pipe provider"

In the traditional B2B market, operators focused on selling leased broadband line services with few value-added services making them mere "pipe providers". Telcos hoped to leverage new models to help government and enterprise customers carry out information-based reconstruction, as well as use Big Data technology to create more business value in the hotel sector.


Huawei's CloudCampus solution helped innovate the Wi-Fi operational model through cloudification

Based on Huawei's Public Cloud, Henan Telecom deployed Huawei's CloudCampus solution, using cloud computing technologies to automate and unify network management. The solution enabled quick network deployment and service provisioning, and provided big data analytics capabilities that traditional networks cannot offer. By analyzing data on user behavior, location, and other characteristics based on an open cloud platform, Henan Telecom can capitalize on data regarding hotel guests' personal and business needs in order to improve user experience and create more value. Furthermore, the solution allowed Henan Telecom to deliver services in a new business model by including the equipment and license fees in the annual package of leased lines, making it more appealing to their customers.

Highlights of CloudCampus:

1.Provides Wi-Fi coverage in all scenarios allowing users to access high-quality wireless networks anytime anywhere.

2.Enables quick network deployment and cut OPEX for telcos' enterprise customers through full-lifecycle cloud-based network planning, deployment, O&M, and inspection.

3.Supports multi-tenant, multi-purpose networks and unified management, and enables telcos to generate more value with MS.

4.Unlike other industry solutions that can only be deployed on vendors' public clouds, CloudCampus can be deployed on both Huawei's Public Cloud and telcos' own clouds. The deployment model is more flexible, allowing telcos to exclusively reap the business profits.

5.The CloudCampus cloud platform has open APIs, which meet partners' flexible customization needs, provide enterprise customers with a wide variety of value-added services, improve their experience and service competitiveness, and help operators build B2B business ecosystems.

Customer Benefits:

Simplified digital transformation for government and enterprise customers

Huawei's CloudCampus solution simplifies network deployment and speeds up network construction. The project ROI is also high, with a static payback time of less than two years. The solution effectively helped Henan Telecom to carry out information-based reconstruction for its government and enterprise customers.

Traditionally, carriers focus on selling leased broadband services in the B2B market. To avoid being pipelined, Henan Telecom shifted to offering value-added services by adopting Huawei's CloudCampus solution. CloudCampus provides a flexible business model to operators who can lease or buy the cloud platform. This way, operators can leverage the cloud platform to provision value-added services, creating greater commercial value.

mproved user experience and increased number of orders

The service TTM has dropped from months to days. The project has been delivered and services are running smoothly. Within three days after the service launch, the daily number of users accessing the service reached several thousands and Wi-Fi network stability was ensured. With the CloudCampus solution, NIH improved Wi-Fi experience for its guests. The customer complaint rate has fallen, while the number of bookings has increased.

Reduced costs and expenses on network O&M

Unlike in other hotel leased line scenarios, NIH only needs to pay annual leased line fee for Huawei's CloudCampus solution, saving the trouble of investing in APs, ACs, NMS and portal servers. Henan Telecom also takes care of the maintenance of the Wi-Fi network, allowing the hotel to cut IT system operational costs.

Remarks of Qi Yanjie, Deputy General Manager of Henan Telecom's Government and Enterprise Business Unit

In recent years, Henan Telecom has been experiencing sluggish growth in both broadband users and revenue. However, our government and enterprise business (B2B) is growing fast at an annual rate of 50%. Huawei's CloudCampus solution simplifies network deployment and reduces network O&M costs. The ROI is high, with a static payback time (SPT) of no more than 2 years. Using this solution, we can help governments and enterprise customers implement informatization for shared success.

We hope to partner with Huawei in more sectors and utilize their solutions to extend our business to industries such as education, healthcare, and retail. We look forward to providing our clients with more value-added services to achieve sustainable revenue growth.