AI for IT & Network Operations (AIOps) phase III Catalyst Release the Latest Achievements at TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia

AI for IT & Network Operations (AIOps) phase III Catalyst Release the Latest Achievements at TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia

AIOps Catalyst explores and proves the AI business value in Communications Service Providers (CSPs) operations by developing multiple AI-based use cases within IT and Network processes around how to improve customer experience, service quality, and efficiency. The AIOps catalyst phase I started in 2018 and was the winner of Digital Transformation Asia 2018 Outstanding new Catalyst. For the phase II, the AIOps Catalyst focused on predictive customer-centric service management infusing AI capabilities into IT and Network operations through the implementation of AI Use Cases covering crucial operational needs, and received the award of “Outstanding Contribution of TM Forum Assets”.

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov 14, 2019] AIOps Catalyst is a joint innovation program involving Huawei Services, world-class telcos and vendors. The AIOps phase III Catalyst, showcased at the Digital Transformation Asia (DTA) held on Nov 12-14th in Kuala Lumpur by TM Forum, addresses the CSPs’ challenges to raise business performance by leveraging AI to automate and enhance vital operational and business processes in order to improve customer experience, quality and efficiency.

With a continuously growing team onboarding new Champions, the phase III of the AIOps Catalyst takes further steps in this direction to explore a rapidly emerging AI technology and deliver tangible and measurable business results, service improvement opportunities and repeatable best practices.

The AIOps Catalyst combines the initiatives of 7 large CSPs and 5 vendors developing and deploying multiple AI-based use cases addressing the following business needs:

  • Preventing bad customer experience
  • Predicting churn and retaining proactively valuable customers
  • Monitoring accurately the service levels
  • Identifying potential faults and their root causes in 5G network before they generate impacts or outages
  • Preventing customer complaints
  • Performing preventive maintenance activities
  • Taking into practice of HBB intelligent O&M framework to accelerate operation transformation
  • Establishing closed-loop service assurance to continuously improve the service quality and O&M efficiency.

On one hand AI deployment in operations brings tremendous opportunity to improve CSPs business services and processes, on the other hand AI also creates the challenge to operate systems and processes differently. There are operational and process gaps between traditional operations and AI operations (AIOps). In order to analyze and plug those gaps, TM Forum and the AIOps Catalyst team members created and launched a standardization activity focusing on AIOps frameworks and practices, as part of the TM Forum AI Collaboration Program. The mission of the AIOps workgroup is to perform a deep process assessment, gap analysis and redesign of the operations processes in order to prepare them to support AI at scale in large CSPs operations, enabling operations teams, process owners and business users to exploit AI safely and properly maximizing benefits, mitigating risks and ensuring the appropriate level of quality.

“By participating in the TM Forum AIOps joint innovation project with our technology trust-worthy partner, HKT aims to accelerate Digital Transformation to pave way for assuring customer experience and premium service quality in building a digital ecosystem to deepen customer relationship and enhance customer engagement through provision of a full suite of solutions to meet the requirements of Enterprise & SME customers to assist their business transformation. The inspiration from TM Forum frameworx and assets facilitates in formulation of strategic technology directives to meet the challenges ahead.” said Michael Yue, A/SVP,Engineering, HKT

“AI enables the transformation of traditional network and service operations towards AI-driven automation and intelligent operations. AI effectively augments and automates early detection, predictions and decision-making in operations and in business processes where humans can't deal with the volume or are unproductive. Efficient AI-driven network and service operations, enabled by Huawei best-in-class automation and intelligent AUTIN O&M Solution and SmartCare@CEM & Intelligent Service Operations solutions, improve service quality, O&M efficiency and customer experience, optimize simultaneously the use of resources, support new business services and new operating models” said Steven Zheng, Huawei Global Technical Service CMO.

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