Huawei shares digital transformation enabling services (DTPC) and successful practice

Huawei shares digital transformation enabling services (DTPC) and successful practice

Help carriers improve their digital product and offering innovation and transformation capabilities

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 12, 2019] Today, Huawei shares the digital transformation enabling service (Digital Transformation Practice Center, DTPC) with representatives from global carriers, industry analyst companies, and ecosystem partners at the TM Forum Asia Digital Transformation Summit (Digital Transformation Asia, DTA). Through a successful practice of 5G cloud VR@DTPC, Huawei elaborated how DTPC enables carriers to implement digital product and offering innovation.

Wu Yue, principal consultant of the Business and Network Consulting Dept of Huawei Carrier BG, spoke at TM Forum DTA

The global telecom market and user requirements are changing rapidly. Telecom operators need to quickly improve and innovate digital products, bring the resource efficiency into play, and build sustainable development capabilities.

However, the traditional planning, design, construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M) waterfall mode has a large inertia and a long response period. It is difficult to quickly explore and build a digital product or service experience that consumers love and are willing to pay more and spend more time on. Therefore, telecom operators urgently need digital transformation. However, for digital transformation, telecom operators face many challenges, such as strategy is unclear, lack of solid business model and the organization is lack of digital talent and structure.

DTPC consolidates representative from telecom operator, vendor, partner and even some end user in order to identify the focus for change. Together we face the Customer & Employee Journeys, bringing idea to service with professional methodologies that translate problems to solutions.

Wu Yue, principal consultant of the Business and Network Consulting Dept of Huawei Carrier BG Global Technical Service Dept, delivered a keynote speech entitled "A Digital Transformation Approach in Practice" on TM Forum DTA, saying that "Through Learn by Doing mode, and based on the cross-function team, industry peers practice library, and integration verification capability, DTPC provides the digital transformation enabling service including consulting + planning and design + prototyping + deployment guidance to help telecom operators achieve digital product innovation and down to earth.

Based on the "Learn by Doing" mode, Huawei DTPC introduces Design Thinking, service design, prototyping, integration verification, low cost quick trial and error, and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous development) to provide systematic and hands-on digital transformation enabling services.

The practice of 5G cloud VR@DTPC shared by Wu Yue during the session systematically describes how DTPC helps streamline Value Fabric and discover focus on transformation, design the service blueprint based on Customer journey and Employee journey, build and verify the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) based on the MDE (Minimum Desirable Experience), analyze live network gaps and provide recommendations for deployment and operation, and conduct commercial verification for seed users.

DTPC is Huawei’s strategic initiative in the digital transformation field of telecom operators. It focuses on enabling digital product and offering innovation, network construction and O&M digitalization, ecosystem integration digitalization, and digital talent development for telecom operators. Huawei is currently exploring transformation practices and building capabilities with major telecom operators in regions such as China, Europe, and Southern Pacific to help them discover the market opportunity and build a profitable business and transform network and operation capabilities into market competitiveness.