INWI: Proactive Operations & Management with responsive business application management


INWI: Proactive Operations & Management with responsive business application management

Enabling multi-country mobile operations services rollout through design, implementation and operations


INWI formerly known as Wana is a one of the key telecommunication company in Morocco. INWI provides prepaid, postpaid and hybrid services based on Huawei’s online charging system (OCS). INWI is constantly innovating to keep its subscribers and the market engaged. Given the high operating expense fueled by need to be competitive in combating churn, INWI saw the need to consider an outsourcing strategy that will curb spiraling costs and ensure marketing programs were achieved on time to sustain continue growth.

Huawei offered INWI business operations support to improve business efficiency, which includes business configuration, reporting and revenue management, application management and infrastructure management for the predominantly prepaid business using the Huawei OCS platform.

By providing highly effective operations and management of the OCS stack - Huawei’s OCS Managed services is able to achieve high levels of business operations quality at reduced cost. This is due to the optimized and standardized processes and service level management that Huawei’s OCS Managed services brings to enable INWI focus on its core business.

Huawei’s partnership with INWI is now able to let INWI go-to-market faster and facilitates more innovation through differentiated offerings that improve customer loyalty and supporting INWI to increase its position in the market.