OTN+Transport SDN Network Architecture Can Effectively Support Quality Enterprise Private Line Services

OTN+NCE-T Network Architecture Can Effectively Support Quality Enterprise Private Line Services

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Recently, the IHS Markit, a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions, has released a white paper for modernized enterprise private line services (hereinafter referred to as the white paper). The white paper points out that the architecture based on optical transport network (OTN) and transport software-defined networking (NCE-T) has advantages such as committed large bandwidths, guaranteed low latency, and fast service delivery. It can effectively support highly profitable quality enterprise private line services.

Digitalization has evoked profound revolution in industries. Vertical industries welcomed a large number of innovative enterprises, which have been constantly reshaping the traditional operation mode and business mode. These industries include financial, medical, education, and government and enterprises related to sensitive services and key applications. The demand for enterprise private line connections is growing higher each day. The development of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities has improved people's life quality, which also increases the number of connection demands. According to a recent enterprise survey by IHS Markit, the investment on wide area networking (WAN) services are forecast to grow at over 20% annually. By the end of 2017, 60% of the investment will be on the connection and management of enterprise services.

IHS Markit Wide Area Networking (WAN) Strategies Survey (February 2017)

Meanwhile, the demand of private line services by enterprise clients is gradually increasing, requiring private line services to be integrated into the routine operation of the enterprises. For example, an enterprise client may expect a cloud-based database to provide the unified support for finance, HR, sales, and marketing departments with a background system. Such a system can optimize the internal communication system of the enterprise and achieve higher operation efficiency. This means that enterprise private lines need to have not only excellent transmission performance but also higher stability, security, and intelligence level. The main features include:

  • Committed bandwidths, high-speed connection, and connection on demand
  • Deliverable and guaranteed low latency
  • High availability
  • High security
  • Fast service delivery and activation

The white paper also pointed out that OTN supports the carrying of integrated services, ensures the network security with physical isolation, and achieves low network latency. By combining OTN with NCE-T, operators can greatly enhance the dynamic control of networks, improve the network availability, accelerate service provisioning and delivery, and improve the overall network flexibility. Therefore, OTN+NCE-T enterprise private line solutions can help operators achieve a greater business success in the enterprise market by meeting all requirements such as committed large bandwidth, guaranteed low latency, and fast service delivery.

"Today’s modernized enterprise private line services include carrier Ethernet and wavelength-based transport services offered over OTN-enabled DWDM networks. With the addition of NCE-T capabilities, optical transport networks can simplify service requests, accelerate service provisioning, and enable on-demand service capabilities." said Heidi Adams, Senior Research Director, Transport Networks, IHS Markit. Network operators gain the advantage of addressing new markets for high performance cloud-centric enterprises. Meanwhile, the simplified O&M can also enhance the profitability for operators.

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