Faster Vectoring

Faster Vectoring



100Mbps has become a basic infrastructure element requirement of the information society, but due to high upfront costs and long construction times, FTTH is lagging behind as a technology. An enhanced broadband access solution is needed if telcos are to fully utilize legacy copper resources, reduce deployment time, and ensure an effective return of investment (ROI).

Our Solution

Vectoring increases the bandwidth of traditional copper lines (8 to 20Mbps) to 100Mbps or higher, making it an ideal choice for superfast broadband access. However, deployment comes with certain challenges, such as device upgrade (or device modernization), crosstalk cancellation at large nodes, and live network terminal adaptation.

Huawei’s Faster Vectoring solution helps operators overcome these challenges, effectively providing 100Mbps access over copper. Features include:

  • High bandwidth: 100Mbps or above to homes within a distance of 300m
  • Timely upgrade: Site upgrade takes only 10 minutes
  • Leads the industry in terms of Vectoring capacity and density
  • Supports node-level Vectoring (NLV) deployment
  • Diverse application with small, medium, and large models
  • Smoothly works with ADSL2+ or VDSL2 terminals on live networks and automatically adapts to the appropriate work mode

Applications & Benefits

Huawei is one of the initiators of the ITU-T's new G.Vector standard. Our Faster Vectoring solution is now in commercial use by a number of operators. At the Broadband World Forum in October 2012, Huawei won the InfoVision award for Best Broadband Access-Fixed with our top-capacity Vectoring system.