In-building Sharing Solution for large-scale scenarios


In-building Sharing Solution for large-scale scenarios

According to the latest data analysis, in recent years, the share rate of indoor site is constantly increasing. MNOs prefer sharing solution to solve the indoor coverage issues. There are two main reasons for this trend: One is mandatory requirement of building owners, national policies and other objective factors; the other is the MNOs don’t have enough budget for indoor hotspots construction. The indoor sharing solution not only meet the demand for fast deployment, but also reduce investment, increase ROI.

Compared to single operator solution, sharing solution faced more challenges. First, how to meet the differentiated demands of coverage and capacity for different operators; Second, how to control interference between different systems; Third, how to expanse capacity and evolve new band and technology smoothly; Fourth, how to manage the indoor system effectively.

Huawei IBS help MNOs to build indoor top-quality network with variety of sharing solutions (SingleDAS, POI). Currently Huawei IBS has provided these solutions in a variety of scenarios around the world, including the Paris Metro, Hong Kong Metro, Lucerne main station, the Philippines Stadium, Oman Airports.

SingleDAS solutions——All-digital, full-band sharing repeater. There are four features:

  • Flexible installation: E-POI embedded DCU (master unit) narrow installation space.

  • Smooth Evolution: DRH (remote unit) is modular design for different bands and easy to use different modules to evolve system.

  • Easy expansion: Using maintenance platform to control cells merge and split, and no more engineering change.

  • Unified platform: Huawei M2000 network management platform for unified monitoring and management.

POI solutions: Huawei IBS provide customized POI for multi-network system. POI R & D team have deep understanding to control system interference. There are more than 40 fine procedures in POI development, manufacturing, testing process. Patent level test environment and methods to ensure each POI performance.