The Enhanced All-Optical Metro Network

The digital economy and 5G are driving unprecedented network change. Enterprises, “at-home” residential, fixed, and mobile clients all have heightened performance expectations and demand greater scale.

The communications service provider (CSP) community is wrestling with many challenges. Metro optical networks support the noted retail clients as well as some very high-capacity wholesale services. Both retail and wholesale traffic are growing at exceptional rates. CSPs can take advantage of the latest optical network capabilities to modernise their networks.

CSPs can modernise their networks to meet new client needs. Today’s metro network has a number of advanced capabilities and new attributes:
  • Greater scalability
  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Always on with enhanced robustness
  • Simplified, de-layered and integrated
  • Congestion-free, deterministic performance

  • Network modernisation will lead to enhancement of the CSPs’ entire business case.

    Revenue can be enhanced

    1. Deterministic services enable mission-critical performance worthy of revenue uplift.

    2. Operational improvements reduce the time required for service activation. Rapid service activation can lead to a “win the business” dynamic, driving revenue acceleration.

    3. Enhanced “at-home” service performance is also worthy of revenue uplift. “At-home” transitions from family infotainment only to now include schooling and business.

    Cost optimisation

    1. Network modernisation leads directly to space and power efficiencies: