Deploying LiTRA System to Enable Safe City Solution


Deploying LiTRA System to Enable Safe City Solution

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LiTRA is a broadband trunking solution based on the standard LTE network. Operators can provide trunking services over LTE by setting up LiTRA servers and corresponding terminals on the existing network. The LiTRA system is applicable to public security scenarios. Its service scope includes event prevention, real-time surveillance, and emergency handling.

Customer Value


Quick Commercialization

The solution is based on mature commercial LTE network, greatly shortening time to market


Lower Cost

Operators can cut construction costs by two-thirds when they deploy public trunking services over their live LTE networks rather than developing a private network


Telecommunication Standardization

Huawei uses 3GPP standard spectrum, interfaces, and mature terminal industry chain, making it trouble-free to interconnect, interoperate, and roam across districts


Multi-Network Convergence

Single network can bear applications from police, fire department and emergency centers, which is helpful to efficiency improvement and big data analysis.