Converged Transport Networks for 5G Quick-win


Converged Transport Networks for 5G Quick-win

Based on the Industry Leading E2E Products, SRv6 New Protocol and NCE (Network Cloud Engine), Huawei’s 5G Converged Transport Network Solution help Carriers to build a High Capacity, High Availability, SLA Guaranteed, and Intelligent O&M Transport Network. Matching 5G application requirements and unleashing 5G potential.

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    Capacity Ready

    Smooth evolution 10GE→
    50GE→100GE in access layer, and 100GE→400GE in aggregation layer

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    Architecture Ready

    Segment routing/EVPN Unified Protocol, SRv6 Evolution, Network Slicing Guarantees Service Quality

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    Clock Ready

    Atom GPS saves 70% clock deployment costs, automatic time synchronization planning and quick faults. location

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    Intelligence Ready

    Automatic service provisioning, network SLA self-optimization, and network self-decision-making

Technical Topics

At the Optinet China Conference 2018, Huawei successfully held the 50G PAM4 industry forum and released 50G PAM4 technical white paper together with industry partners. PAM4 technology helps reduce per-bit transmission costs, serving as an important option for end-to-end 5G transport networks.

Huawei is the first vendor to complete independent third-party testing of 50GE FlexE for 5G networks. Carsten Rossenhövel, CTO at European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC), describes the test process and results.

X-Haul incorporates various technologies to help carriers evolve live networks to 5G transport networks. Find out how it works.

With the advent of the 5G era, operators are turning their attention to 5G transport networks. This leads to the question—how should 5G networks be developed? Huawei and Heavy Reading jointly released a research report on the subject.

Success Stories

China Mobile Zhejiang builds the world's first commercial 5G transport network

5G is Now, Transport First. China Mobile Zhejiang cooperated with Huawei to actively explore the challenges of 5G to transport network……

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Safaricom Partners with Huawei to Deploy the World's First End-to-End 400G Backbone Network

At MWC 2019, Kenya's leading telecom operator Safaricom announced that it would select Huawei's end-to-end 400G solution for its next-generation backbone network. This is the world's first commercial 400G project, advancing backbone network deployment towards the 400G era.

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Huawei and Telefónica Jointly Demonstrate the Industry's First 5G Slicing-based Interactive VR Service

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Telefónica and Huawei jointly demonstrated the industry's first VR service……

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Huawei, Ethernet Alliance, and Industry Partners Conduct 50GE Interoperability Testing to Accelerate 50GE Industry Chain Maturity

At the 2018 Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition (OFC)……

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Huawei passed the SPN prototype system test of China Mobile, and the 5G commercial use will go further

In September 2017, China Mobile Research Institute organized the 5G bearer SPN prototype system test. Huawei was the first to pass the test on commercial devices……

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