ICT Talent Competence Transformation


ICT Talent Competence Transformation


Under the trend of digital transformation, the network technology talents of operators face the challenge of ICT knowledge transformation. With our profound insight of ICT industry, leading practices benchmark from both vendor and operator viewpoint and through advanced resource integration, Huawei Learning Service offers competence consulting, technical training, management competence improvement and career certification services to help operators expedite the development of outstanding ICT talent that matches with the company’s talent strategy to achieve business success.

In order to support the operator`s organization performance, enhance operator's strategy execution, Huawei Learning Service provides learning solutions: Knowledge Transformation on ICT New Technologies, Position/Job-Role Based Learning for Skill Transformation, Managerial Competence Development for Business Transformation, Talent Development for National ICT Strategy Transformation, helping operators to face challenges of ICT technology trends, service insurance, business innovation and organization construction.

Customer Value



ICT industry focused curriculum system, facilitated by experts with actual telecom practical experiences. Advanced and agile eLearning platform providing one-stop solution



Dedicated to develop talent for telecom industry. Global presence in more than 170 countries and regions, provide customized ICT talent development solutions



Integrate global leading learning and competence development resources, proactively share ICT talent ecosystem development and joint innovation with industry’s ICT enterprises and organization


Value creation

Delivered 300,000 person days training annually, cultivate large pool of qualified ICT talents to assist ICT companies to realize business success. Improve IT penetration at national level and continuously creating value for society and customer alike

Related Solutions


Knowledge Transformation for ICT New Technologies

Based on the challenges that operators are facing, relying on HUAWEI's understanding and insight in the field of ICT, Knowledge Transformation on ICT New Technologies solution helps operators build ICT competence development model, to effectively support the network transformation and business success.


Position/Job-Role Based Learning for Skill Transformation

This solution focus on job roles and business process under network O&M transformation, relying on Huawei TAC practical platform and plenty of cases sharing, provides operators with end to end and job role based network O&M competence development solution to support network O&M quality.


Managerial Competency Development for Business Transformation

Combined with the practice of Huawei's own transformation from CT to ICT, integrated leading consulting company with leading operators practice, provides operators with scenario-base, case-base managerial competence development solution.


Talent Development for National ICT Strategy Transformation

Based on Huawei’s ICT talent development leading practices, cooperating with talent development standard organization, provide ICT talent development consulting services to help operators/government establish and improve ICT talent development system.