Network Experience PLUS


Network Experience PLUS

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No two telcos are alike, and neither are their needs. Major carriers have all realized the importance of user experience, but telcos build BEST Networks with a variety of goals in their mind. One telco might expect higher Speedtest rankings. Another might be more interested in value for money. This makes the BEST concept not necessarily a matter of best in the world (though it could be), but BEST for you.

Huawei sees a quality network as an evolvable network that balances the customer's ROI and customer experience while ensuring profitability –a network that enhances telcos' competitive edge. Huawei has developed the BEST concept (beneficial, efficient, service-oriented, and transformative) for quality network construction, based on the ideas of "value operation" and "network construction oriented around user perception."

Customer Value


High ROI

Accurate investment planning for ROI improvement


Superior Quality

Provide superior quality with clear voice, smooth video anytime anywhere


Leading Brand

Support customers to lead benchmark in P3/ social media/ operator group/regulator test