Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience Management

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As telecom operators go through the digital transformation process, omni-channel experience management has become a hot topic. Each customer has a different persona which leads to a different customer experience journey throughout the customer’s lifecycle; by integrating a variety of data sources, Huawei is able to help operators gain insight into their omni-channel experience problems and ensure consistent experience.

Our Consultancy,  Analytics, and Platform (C.A.P. ) approach to CE gives Huawei a unique framework with which to understand operator’s need to protect their investment in BSS&OSS and big data whilst helping Huawei to committed to become Primary System Integrator (PSI) in the field of Customer Experience Management. 

Huawei is committed to maximize the value of customer experience insight, whether through analyzing network experience, service experience, interactional experience or the customer’s personal experiences within our customer experience management solution.

Huawei fully understands the importance of improving the operators network quality ranking and the numerous subsequent benefits to customers satisfaction from our years of experience working on network optimization projects. Huawei believes that the operator must look beyond improving just the customer’s   voice and data services experience by switching their organization to become user-centric. This is where Huawei’s consultancy is committed to help operators transform through a combination of organizational, technology, people and process best practices.

Customer Value


High-Quality- Network Brand Construction

Fine-tunes the network, maximizes network resource utilization, and improves the user experience of voice and data services.


Service Operations Transformation

Builds SOC (Service Operations Center) based on C.P.P.P. (Criteria, People, Process, and Platform) and helps CSPs realize E2E visualization of customer experience management.


Customer Experience Transformation

Explores new business revenue opportunities, predicts network risk, identifies and rectify problems in operators' network and service processes based on customer experience contact points.