E2E Network Planning and Integration


E2E Network Planning and Integration

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To ensure the greater future network evolution, Huawei has a consultative approach and innovative E2E Network Planning and Evolution Service that enables operators to identify key hotspots for investment and build end user experience oriented, high quality networks. The service increase the efficiencies, indoor/outdoor harmony and compatibility between standards, vendors and spectra, which will lead to increase of ROI. Seamless network evolution, business continuity and timely service provisioning are also guaranteed through verified integration and efficient project implementation.

Network Consulting: Investment Hotspot Identification

This service involves identification of “value areas” for efficient investment, where traffic, terminals, end users, revenue, coverage and user complaints (6-Dimensions analysis mode that first proposed by Huawei) are all to be inputted into our customizable analysis platform based on operator “weighting” which will enable accurate geographic identification of Hotspots which meet the customers investment criteria.

Accurate Planning: Quality and user experience orientation

Traditional network planning relies on simulation derived from drive test data, a less-than-comprehensive process that results in carriers constantly modifying their plans. Huawei, on the other hand, through Accurate Site Planning (ASP) based on MR data across all services, evaluates the coverage and capacity of an operator’s entire wireless network and displays all hotspots on a geographic map enabling grid level accurate user oriented network planning based on service quality requirements.

Seamless Cross-Domain Designs guarantees Design Accuracies

Across the multi-standard, multi-frequency band and multi-site category environment, Huawei enables the multi-layer and multi-domain seamlessly while reducing repetitive work due to non-compatible solutions between one or more domains.

Integrated Verification: Smooth network evolution

Huawei has integration verification resources all over the world, including our Beijing Global Network Evolution & Experience Center (GNEEC), Shenzhen Solution Integration Lab, and simulation based verification platform. Huawei's E2E Network Planning and Evolution Service support E2E simulation of eight major vendors, five fields, and up to 2,000 nodes, from idea to solution development to cutover. What’s more, service quality is analyzed and verified before and after cutover, ensuring smooth network evolution the first time.

Efficient Delivery: Shorten Time to Market

In tandem with operators, Huawei optimizes processes and shortens the material supply & TTM periods based on the principles of standardization (service model/station model/order standardization), simplification, and dynamic material supply balance. What’s more, Huawei's innovative order based delivery model standardizes the delivery process and visualizes monitoring for the entire process, while two Regional Spare Parts Centers (RSPC) and 36 Country-level Spare Parts Centers (CSPC) ensure the timeliness and integrity of the same.

Customer Value


Get It Right Once

Multi layer and multi domain coordination permit design


ROI Improvement

Accurate geographic identification of Hotspot, improve customer experience


On-demand Delivery

In tandem with operators, optimize processes and shorten the material supply & TTM periods


Shorten Time to Market

Accurate identification of valuable service, bandwidth On-demand invest and speed up