Converged Resource Solution


Converged Resource Solution


Huawei Unicloud Solution breaks chimney type of the existing resource pool usage , gets through all computing, storage and network resources isolated among different sites, meets the various requirement of business rapid deployment, management simplified , and openness enhancement, and achieves unified management and integrated usage of resources.

Unified management platform (manageone) as entrance of internal and external customer,is formed of VDC (virtual data Center) carrying a variety of business. Infrastructure will be centralized by a plurality of different regions, stages and scale data center all resources. Each VDC is the independent management system, directory service and independent of network isolation, backup, disaster recovery, network and security services, to break the pattern of the current organization and flow separation.

Converged Resource solution is based on the OpenStack architecture, integrated the different vendors, different virtualized platform, servers and storages into data center unit, connected between different data centers by SDN technology.

Customer Value

简化运维高效运维 (2)

Unified Management

One Cloud with multiple pool and heterogeneous virtualized platform


Resource Visibility

Resource domain-and rights-based management


Business Agility

Business TTM 2 Hours, meets requirements of application and organization