CX600 Metro Services Platform - Huawei


CX600 Metro Services Platform

The CX600 Metro Services Platform (CX600) is Huawei's router product designed in line with mobile bearer network requirements that focus on the aggregation layer or core layer of mobile bearer networks. The CX600 works together with Huawei's ATN devices to provide end-to-end multiservice bearer solutions.

Based on distributed hardware forwarding and non-blocking switching technology, CX600 adopts a completely green design for greater eco-friendly energy savings. CX600 features carrier-class reliability, line-speed forwarding performance, improved QoS mechanism, rich service processing capabilities, and optimized scalability.

The CX600 comes in different types, including CX600-X3A/X8A/X16A, CX600-X3/X8/X16, CX600-X1/X2-M and CX600-M2E/M2F, to meet networking needs of different scales.

  • Powerful Multiservice Bearer Capabilities

  • Based on Huawei's unified and mature multiservice VRP platform, the CX600 stands out in reliability, scalability, maintainability, and multiservice bearer. The CX600 is a perfect platform upon which carriers can build carrier-class integrated bearer networks, supporting improved HVPLS, VLL, L3/L2 VPN, QinQ, VLANMapping, PIM SSM, IGMPv3, massive MAC addresses, and MAC+IP+VLAN bundling. The CX600 can be used together with Huawei's own NE40 and ATN devices to build a hierarchical integrated bearer network. Meanwhile, the plug-and-play function makes deployment even easier. With IP RAN mobile bearer networks based on CX60, carriers can easily offer 2G and 3G mobile service bearer and smoothly support LTE and enterprise leased line service bearer in the future.

  • Improved IPRAN Solutions

  • The CX600 can meet demands for multiservice access, offering various bearer technologies (such as HVPN, L2+L3, and Native IP) and clock synchronization technologies (such as 1588v2, ACR,and synchronous Ethernet). The CX600 offers improved solutions for 2G/3G/LTE bearer to anticipate the needs for a smooth evolution from 2G and 3G to the future LTE network. Furthermore, Huawei’s iManager U2000 can independently run on a number of different operating systems with support for multiple languages and GUI display,making device management agile and easy-to-use.

  • Future-oriented IPv6 Solutions

  • The CX600 supports IPv6 routing protocols, including static routing, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, and BGP4+, as well as IPv6 terminal access, IPv6 ACL, and IPv6 policy-based routing for smooth evolution to IPv6.

  • Improved QoS Mechanisms

  • The CX600 features improved QoS scheduling mechanism with support for multiple traffic classification methods and traffic recognition policies, with an aim to ensure scheduling fairness through flexible and precise service differentiation. The CX600 supports PQ, WRR, and WFQ as well as flow-based scheduling for MPLS TE implementation. The CX600 offers DiffServ and IntServ mechanisms for a combined use of the MPLS TE and Diffserv models as well as 8CT (Class Type) MPLS DS-TE. Moreover, the CX600 supports five-level scheduling of HQoS, MPLS VPN, VLL, and PWE3 QoS capabilities to ensure network end-to-end QoS deployment and a rational allocation and efficient use of network resources for more flexible and efficient service deployment.

  • Carrier-Class Reliability

  • The CX600 provides reliable protection from various levels, including device-level, network-level, and business-level reliability, forming network-wide solutions to fully meet the service reliability needs of enterprises. 99.999% system availability is the cornerstone of reliable interconnection of enterprise services.

  • Visible O&M, Reduced O&M Costs

  • The CX600 employs the plug-and-play technology for one-off site entry during device deployment on unmanned stations, thereby lowering O&M costs. Huawei's iManager U2000 enables visualized O&M for fast fault locating and provisioning and supports business-level quality monitoring for network-wide region-based Top1 indicators, achieving real-time quality awareness and proactive O&M maintenance on end-to-end services.

  • Green Design Concepts

  • The CX600 adopts an entirely green design for eco-friendly energy savings. The CX600 adopts the industry-leading cooling and energy-saving systems, including an advanced air channel design, optimal thermal design, smart fan design, and power supply partitioning design for automatic temperature perception and adjustments, greatly improving power supply utilization.