SPTN Series

To cope with new requirements and challenges of 4.5G for a mobile bearer network, Huawei fully upgrades the SPTN solution.
SPTN2.0 focuses on the core concept of "Super, Smart, Soft, Slicing". Super, Smart, Soft, and Slicing represent super devices, intelligent services, software architecture, and network slicing, respectively. SPTN2.0 supports long-term evolution towards 4.5G/5G services, building a future-oriented experience-driven ultra-broadband network.
Device dimension: greatly reducing delays and power consumption while continuously providing super-wide pipes
Service dimension: building an experience network construction support system while providing visible and assessable service quality and predictable traffic
Architecture dimension: extending SDN from the government/enterprise leased line field to LTE while using SDN to continuously deepen and simplify leased line service deployment
Network dimension: adding slicing capabilities. Forwarding slicing uses the channelization technology to implement strict service forwarding isolation. Management slicing uses the dedicated view to implement different services' independent management. The control plane has 5G-oriented evolution capabilities.
The SPTN solution provides full series of products for the access, aggregation, and core layers, including PTN 7900, PTN 7900E and PTN 900 series.


  • PTN 7900

    PTN 7900s are next-generation packet transport devices based on the 400G platform and are mainly used at the core/aggre-gation layer of a metropolitan transport network and provincial/national backbone networks to construct a bearer network for mobile services and VIP leased line services.

  • PTN 7900E

    The PTN 7900E is a new-generation Terabit platform. It has ultra-large capacity, more than 100 GE bandwidth, intelligent service, and SDN-based metro packet transport equipment. It is mainly used for the core aggregation layer and provincial / national backbone network of the metropolitan transport network to build a bearer network for mobile services and VIP private line services.

  • PTN 900

    PTN 900s are next-generation multi-service access devices for packet transport and are used on the access side of a bearer network. They are characterized by small size, flexible installation, and easy O&M. PTN 900s support various service features, multiple interface types, and full-service convergence and bearing.