MSP Public Cloud Service

MSP Public Cloud Service

Enterprise campus networks are more complex than ever due to the rapid development of new ICT technologies, such as cloud computing, AI, and big data. As such, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need more and more qualified network O&M personnel, increasing network O&M costs.

Carriers can deploy public cloud services for campus networks so that enterprise customers can enjoy managed construction and maintenance services. This reduces network O&M costs and allows enterprises to focus more on their own services, ensuring fast and stable development.

Key Features

Multi-Tenant Service Management

It's very expensive for each enterprise customer to build a separate cloud platform; meanwhile, services cannot be continuously developed. Instead, carriers can build a centralized management platform for several enterprise customers, and ensure data isolation and security isolation on this platform.

Master NCE-Campus provides physically shared and logically isolated cloud management. This multi-tenant model is based on user roles and regions, and provides enterprise tenants with flexible rights- and domain-based management. Tenants cannot see each other's services and their data is isolated at all times, ensuring maximum data security.

Managed Construction and Maintenance

SMEs need more and higher-skilled O&M personnel to maintain the growing number of network services and access terminals. This increases network O&M costs, limiting how quickly enterprises can deploy new services.

iMaster NCE-Campus uses the hierarchical administrator model to clearly define administrator roles (including MSP and enterprise tenant) on the network. Enterprise tenants can directly deploy and perform O&M on their network, or the MSP administrator can do it for them. After constructing and maintaining the network for tenants, the MSP administrator configures, manages, monitors, and inspects the network. In this case, instead of network O&M, enterprises can focus entirely on their own services, further reducing O&M costs.

Cloud-based Network-wide Inspection

To prevent major network accidents that affect user experience, administrators need to inspect the network in real-time, to promptly detect and rectify any network faults. On a conventional network, only one device can be inspected at a time. As the scale of network management increases, such maintenance becomes too time-consuming and labor-intensive.

MSP administrators can inspect devices on the cloud to comprehensively check the entire network. They can also monitor the in-depth health of network-wide devices, in addition to professionally inspecting them. iMaster NCE-Campus automatically generates inspection reports and sends emails to administrators. As such, administrators learn real-time network status, promptly troubleshoot any faults, and ensure the healthy running of the network.