Access Network Automation

Access Network Automation

As the Internet industry develops rapidly and the world enters the cloud era, more and more enterprises are migrating systems to the cloud and going digital. In addition, more new service models emerge. The telecom industry, as a digital transformation enabler for various industries, faces both challenges and new business opportunities.

  • O&M is more complex due to the continuous increase in network scale and complexity. Carriers are in urgent need of automatic deployment to reduce the skill requirements for O&M personnel and effectively control the long-term OPEX.
  • Traditional tier-1 carriers are transforming from copper to optical. This requires simplified OSS integration, remote ONT deployment, and intelligent P2MP O&M capability to ensure expected user experience.

Use Cases

ONT Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Traditional FTTH relies on specific NEs to provision services, and is prone to errors. As a result, ONTs cannot be provisioned. To resolve this, engineers need to provision services on site, which is expensive. NCE provides go-online process orchestration and cloud-based ONT authentication to simplify OSS integration. It decouples the configuration from the ONT access point. This allows ONTs to go online and services to be provisioned without requiring a field visit.

OLT Free of Software Commissioning

Conventionally, after hardware engineers install OLT hardware, software commissioning engineers need to commission the OLTs on site or remotely, which involves a long service provisioning period and high costs. NCE provides go-online process orchestration and cloud-based OLT authentication, negating the need for on-site or remote software commissioning, and implementing zero-touch deployment of OLTs.