Home Network

Home Network

As the demographic dividend gradually disappears, the focus of the home broadband market is shifted to user experience and digitization. Good user experience is the core competitiveness of home broadband services. Wi-Fi networks have become a necessity to home network subscribers and, at the same time, 100 and even 1000 Mbit/s home broadband services are gaining popularity. However, the quality of Wi-Fi networks is often complained about and hinders the improvement of broadband user experience. Typically, more than 50% of home broadband faults are related to Wi-Fi networks. Due to the lack of proactive and efficient troubleshooting methods, about 30% of home Wi-Fi network faults need to be rectified on site by field engineers. Frequent Wi-Fi faults, time-consuming troubleshooting, low user satisfaction, and high O&M cost are the challenges in the rapid development of home networks.

In home network scenarios, NCE (Access Domain) provides an AP installation guide and functions such as home network quality acceptance, home network quality visualization, and diagnosis of top 5 home network issues, accelerating home network troubleshooting.

Key Features

Simplified Installation and Home Network Quality Acceptance

Networking services require onsite Wi-Fi quality assessment, proper installation location of APs, and professional acceptance methods. Huawei's field service app enables carriers to provide high-quality networking services. The app provides an AP installation guide and can be used to assess the Wi-Fi quality at each test location, output results in terms of link rate, RSSI, delay, and PLR, and accept the Wi-Fi quality before and after AP installation.

Visualization of Home Wi-Fi Network Quality

NCE collects network device data, generates a digital world on the cloud, and helps O&M personnel remotely query the home network topology, connected devices, uplink and downlink rates, connection status, KPIs such as interference and coverage, and key events. In addition, NCE enables users to review the faults and extract the information and KPIs of the past seven days for analysis. This effectively helps carriers to remotely locate faults and reduce field visits and repeated faults.

Remote Fast Fault Demarcation and Analysis

When a subscriber reports a fault, NCE enables customer service personnel to quickly locate it by performing segment-based speed tests on the home network according to the topology. NCE provides the quick diagnosis function for delivering commands to the gateway to collect real-time Wi-Fi quality data and perform diagnostics within one minute in terms of Wi-Fi interference, coverage, connection (online status and unauthorized access), device (capacity and CPU usage), configuration, AP, and load in real time. NCE also provides improvement suggestions, facilitating the remote and quick diagnosis of faults.

Bandwidth Capability Assessment

NCE can collect device and network performance data at the minute level. It can also use the bandwidth assessment algorithm to assess multiple bandwidth capabilities, such as 100 Mbit/s and 500 Mbit/s, as well as accurately identify five types of bottlenecks (single-band gateway, 100BASE-T cable, low-performance terminal, poor AP cascading signal, and third-party router).