RTN 380 - Huawei

RTN 380A

The RTN 380A is a full-outdoor microwave transmission device operating at 71–76 or 81–86 GHz frequency bands (E-band). The RTN 380A is applicable to mobile communications networks or dedicated networks. It features large capacity, low inter-site interference, and rich spectrum resources. It provides large-capacity microwave backhaul or aggregation links and can be used as a supplement to metro optical networks.

.Large capacity: provides microwave backhaul or aggregation links with 7.6GE air-interface capacity.
.10GE ports: provides 10GE SFP optical ports and supports 10GE to site.
.Large channel bandwidth: provides 62.5 MHz, 125 MHz, 250 MHz, 500 MHz, 750 MHz, and 1000MHz channel bandwidth.
.High modulation mode: provides a modulation scheme of up to 512QAM.
.Super Dual Band: works with the RTN 900 through the PLA function to provide the Super Dual Band solution. Through this solution, 10 Gbps microwave links with a maximum transmission distance of 10 km can be provided. In addition, through the Super Dual Band Relay solution, the transmission distance of E-band links can be extended further.
.AMAC: supports adaptive modulation and adaptive channel bandwidth (AMAC) to ensure the transmission of high-priority services.