RTN 310: Full-Outdoor Solution

RTN 310: Full-Outdoor Solution

Huawei RTN 310 is a full-outdoor microwave transmission device that works at frequency bands from 7 GHz to 38 GHz. It connects to service devices through GE ports and supports zero footprint installation, reducing network deployment costs.

Ultra-broadband, High Spectral Efficiency, and Up to 2 Gbps Throughput Per Carrier

  • Up to 2 Gbps throughput per carrier, meeting various backhaul requirements
  • Adaptive modulation (AM), which increases link capacity while guaranteeing high availability of high-priority services

Easy Deployment, Easy OAM

  • Full outdoor architecture, allowing zero footprint installation
  • Quick commissioning and configuration using a USB flash drive, enabling plug and play, lowering engineering costs, and improving deployment efficiency

Comprehensive Ethernet Service Capabilities

  • Supports E-Line and E-LAN services.
  • Supports QoS/HQoS, empowering service-aware networks and guaranteeing the transmission quality of high-priority services.
  • Supports ETH OAM, enabling SDH-like maintenance on IP networks and improving maintenance efficiency of microwave networks.
  • Supports synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2, meeting the synchronization requirements of wireless and IP networks.