Prefabricated Modular Data Center


Prefabricated Modular Data Center

The FusionModule1000 prefabricated modular data center features good waterproofing and seismic performance. Its modular design — with its green infrastructure and balance of availability, security, flexibility, scalability and TCO — is perfect for use in in cloud computing. FusionModule1000 can be quickly deployed on-site and enables multiple-box cluster applications. The FusionModule1000 can be deployed outdoors, and is especially useful for applications such as disaster relief, military, and oil exploration.

Highly reliable, green outdoor data center that can be deployed within one week


IP55 protection grade (IP65 optional); -40oC to +55oC stable operation for equivalent 25 years of service life; 9-degree magnitude earthquake resistance; fire-resistant for 120 minutes; power-on test performed before shipment to ensure reliable, high-quality delivery


Employs efficient, modular UPSs, in-row variable frequency air conditioners, and hot/cold-aisle technology; supports Free Cooling devices; saves TCO by at least 10%


L1 full plant prefabrication saves at least 50% of delivery time; modular architecture enables diversified, flexible service expansion