LampSite is an industry-leading in-depth radio coverage solution that supports indoor multimode deployment in large- to medium-sized sites such as office buildings, venues, and transportation hubs and semi-enclosed sports stadiums.

A LampSite base station consists of a baseband unit (BBU), Pico Remote Radio Unit (pRRU), and RRU HUB (RRU HUB).

LampSite serves as an innovative, easy-to-deploy 'platform' that features high performance and huge capacity and promotes a smooth evolution to LTE networking. With Software Defined Radio (SDR), LampSite supports the combined use of multiple bands, integrated LTE FDD and TDD deployment, and an evolution to an unlicensed spectrum.

In indoor scenarios, radio signals are prone to blocking and absorption during propagation, resulting in signal attenuation and coverage holes. Particularly in large-sized buildings where hotspot traffic concentrates, radio channel congestion frequently occurs due to excessive mobile density. Increasingly popular content-centric services such as videos are attributed with higher service requirements. Operators require increasingly substantial demands of the network such as indoor coverage system improvement to alleviate these issues.

Key Features Introduction

  • High performance and huge capacity

  • LampSite allows multiple pRRUs to serve one cell, with each cell individually served by each pRRU having the same physical cell ID, which increases downlink RSRP and SINR. LampSite separately demodulates signals from multiple pRRUs and then combines the signals in the BBU without increasing background noise to provide better performance and uplink reception over DAS.

  • E2E O&M

  • LampSite supports pRRU-level network management, which allows users to obtain clear real-time handover statistics, call drops and NE operating status readings on the network. LampSite can share an NMS with macro networks to reduce O&M costs.