With the mobile communications technology advancing rapidly, the focus of the mobile operators during network construction and partner selection rests on innovation and integration of multiple technologies. This approach helps the mobile operators in constructing a cost-effective and future-oriented mobile network.

As an important network element of our industry-leading SingleRAN solution, SingleBTS is a future-oriented product family integrating radio resources and multiple technologies. The design of SingleBTS series are based on originality that encompasses the latest chip design, system architecture, Power Amplifier (PA) technology, and power consumption management.

Key Features Introduction

    SingleBTS effectively drives the development of the mobile network, presenting a  network with concepts of "Convergence, Broadband, Green, and Evolution" and aiding operators in constructing a better future-oriented mobile network.

  • Cost reduction

  • The SingleBTS series adopt the cutting-edge modular design by combining multiple modes and using the same types of module for different base station models. The base stations are applicable to various installation scenarios. In addition, the three basic modules of the SingleBTS series are characterized by small size, high integration, low power consumption, and easy and fast deployment. This significantly reduces the network construction costs and OPEX of operators in terms of site acquisition, capacity expansion, and environment protection. 

  • Smooth evolution

  • The base stations enable the construction of a future-oriented network and smooth evolution to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) system.

  • Flexibility

  • The innovative design and flexible combinations of the function modules and auxiliary devices result in diversify multi-mode base station products. Furthermore, operators can install modules of different modes in one cabinet to form multiple base station products adapting to different scenarios. This accelerates introduction of new frequency bands and radio technologies and effectively addresses the requirements for a multi-mode mobile network.

  • Broadband

  • The series, based on IP switch and multi-carrier technologies, support bandwidth of over 100 Mbps at transmission ports. This ensures the compatibility with the growing mobile data services and ensures higher data transmission rates for users.

  • Green

  • The optimized hardware and system architecture of the SingleBTS, together with the innovative technologies for the PA and power consumption management,enable operators to implement energy saving and emission reduction and to construct a green communication network through temperature control and green energy utilization.