Fast FBB Deployment Through Microwave

Fast FBB Deployment Through Microwave

Studies show that a 10% increase in the broadband penetration of a country can spur GDP growth of 1.3%, and 2–3% growth in the employment rate. Almost 196 countries around the world have launched national broadband strategies, adopted broadband coverage as a key indicator of social and economic development, and increased investments in improving broadband coverage.

However, according to the latest ITU report, only 52% of households worldwide have access to broadband services. The major obstacles hindering investments in fixed broadband (FBB) deployment are difficulties in obtaining rights of way (ROW), the laying of optical fibers, and the slow returns on investments.

Huawei addresses these difficulties by providing an innovative fast FBB deployment solution that uses microwave to quickly construct fixed networks with low costs. This solution offers up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth, which easily carries various services including IPTV, HSI, and VoIP. The FBB deployment solution uses microwave to simplify installation, and to make ROW applications and fiber layout unnecessary. Deployment time is reduced from several months to several weeks, enabling fast service provisioning. Compared with traditional solutions, this solution reduces network construction costs by 50% on average, protecting investments and accelerating ROI.

The microwave-based fast FBB deployment solution provides a good experience, Fast Network Deployment, and reduces costs, is accepted and applied by increasing numbers of operators.

Customer Value


Fiber-like Experience

Fiber-like reliability; up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth


Fast Network Deployment

No need to apply for ROW or dig trenches, shortening deployment time to weeks or even days


Cost Reduction

TCO reduced by 50% on average; accelerated ROI