BBWF2019:Witness the Release of the New Generation Fixed Network

BBWF2019:Witness the Release of the New Generation Fixed Network

The 5th generation fixed network era has arrived. From ancient carrier pigeons, to modern telephones, and live video. Information transmission has always played a vital role in human interaction, and has influenced our history.

Now, how will information transmission transform further? 4K UHD video will download in seconds, VR online education will be possible anytime and anywhere, Real-time synchronous interaction of industrial robots will begin...All-optical connections and ultra-high bandwidth provide an extraordinary one-touch connection experience, and makes a fully-connected world possible.

This is the 5th generation fixed network (F5G) featuring Gigaband. Its ultrafast speed will revolutionize fields such as enterprise, transportation, medical care, industry, and many more. It will bring many aspects of success, and create a vigorous new industry.

To explore the advent of this new era, during the 2019 Broadband World Forum (BBWF), The Gigaband Industry Summit will be held on October 14 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Global industry leaders, pioneers, and ecosystem partners will gather to discuss the potential of various industries in the gigaband era.

Gigabit starts here

The pace of global gigabit network deployment is accelerating. With 10G PON, F5G will break down the boundaries of traditional industries and create more possibilities for the future.

At the 2019 Gigaband Industry Summit, Huawei will join hands with operators, industry organizations, standards organizations, and content providers to jointly launch 5th Generation Fixed Network & F5G ISG initialization. This initialization will propel global fixed networks into a new era, further facilitate multi-dimensional transformation of the ICT industry, and bring success to the industry’s ecosystem.

Ushering in F5G: The whole industry is taking action.

Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards. The development of a new industry cannot be achieved without standards or the active promotion of industry organizations.

At the 2019 Gigaband Industry Summit, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) will launch the F5G ISG standards to accelerate the implementation of F5G. In addition, the Broadband Development Alliance of China will release a white paper on 10 application scenarios of gigaband to comprehensively explain that China's fixed broadband will enter the F5G era where gigaband will be in full coverage. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi Alliance will release Wi-Fi 6 standards and a white paper on home scenarios. In the new era, the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology will bring a better experience to the home network.

Gigaband experts: Exchange ideas with industry elites.

Huawei will join hands with leaders of international organizations, global business leaders, industry experts, and other guests to exchange ideas, explore new business opportunities, and discuss the prosperity of the F5G ecosystem.

Guests will discuss the development and trends of F5G in the gigabit era and share practices and cases of F5G. You will have a first-hand insight into the gigabit industry.

Gigabit technology: Achieving industry-leading competitiveness

During the 2019 Broadband World Forum (BBWF), Huawei will explain how to drive the development of optical networks and how the SingleFAN Pro solution can enable all industries to move towards the gigabit era.

In the exhibition area, guests can experience how Huawei helps operators meet F5G requirements and build industry-leading competitiveness in the gigaband era based on the three new concepts — new blue ocean, new capability, and new experience.

Guests can gain an in-depth understanding of these concepts, learning about (new blue ocean) gigabit home and gigabit government and enterprise; (new capability) the industry's first Flex PON2.0 solution, the QuickODN 2.0 solution that multiplies installation efficiency by 10 times, and the advanced OLT series; and (new experience) Huawei’s NCE platform based on AI and big data technologies, and the new intelligent O&M experiences via the platform.

In the hi-tech exhibition area, you can see Huawei's unique Class D optical module, which can transmit optical signals across long distances. You can also explore cutting-edge technologies such as the LCoS chip, Huawei OLT chip, ONT chip, and Wi-Fi 6 chip.

Embracing the trillion dollar blue ocean market

Huawei hopes to join hands with the industry, promote the launch of the gigabit industry, usher in the 5th generation fixed network era, bring gigabit to every room, every desktop and every machine, embrace the trillion dollar "blue ocean" market of the industry.

From the 14th to the 17th of October, We welcome you to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.