Optical Transmission Network-Green All-Optical Network

Optical Transmission Network— Green All-Optical Network

All-optical connectivity is becoming the foundation of the future digital world. Building a T-shape all-optical target network can enable premium connections, help operators reduce TCO, and stimulate new business growth.

Customer Value
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    Gear Up 400G+, Enabling Optimal TCO Backbone

    400G~1.2T, Super C+L, OXC, Kepler OTN and ASON are used to build a mesh all-optical network with 100Tbps single-fiber capacity, day -level TTM, ms-level latency, and 99.999% reliability.

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    All-optical Metro, Enabling FMC Development

    With the Alps-WDM solution, 100G OTN is deployed at CO sites, which increases the bandwidth by 10 times and carries various services including home broadband, mobile, and private line services over one network.

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    iMaster NCE, Enabling All-optical Network Automation

    With the iMaster NCE solution, the networks can be automatically deployed. The northbound integration of IETF ACTN APIs can provision end-to-end services rapidly, and monetize network capabilities.


The backbone WDM is a new-generation large-capacity OTN product for the beyond-100G/200G/400G/800G era. It is mainly applied to backbone networks and core nodes of metro networks. Based on end-to-end OXC+OTN devices, Huawei Backbone WDM series products are innovative and green. Build ultra-broadband, flexible, elastic, and intelligent OTN/WDM all-optical networks for carriers.

Featuring ultra-large capacity, optical-electrical convergence, and compact size, the metro WDM series is a line of new generation of flagship WDM products. The series enables operators to quickly develop full-range services and meet basic site resource requirements to achieve optimal per-bit TCO, providing an optimal end-to-end transport solution from the backbone layer, aggregation layer, to the access layer.

Featuring optical/electrical integration, ultra-large capacity, and flexible deployment, Huawei's access WDM&OTN products provide the best integrated bearer solution for metro network. The series of products help carriers uniformly transmit various services such as broadband, private line, and mobile services at the metro network, supporting the rapid development of all services.