Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Telco Talent Development Global Report 2018

Huawei anchored the 2018 Global Talent Development survey.

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Deutsche Telekom: Best-in-class experience

DT has the clear ambition to be a leading European telco, with digitalization a key part of its strategy.

Huawei All Cloud Strategy in Full Drive

All Cloud is the key to digitalization for carriers.

Video Powers New Growth

Content and video are redefining the telecom industry.

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Voice of Global Carriers ( Part one)

Voice of Global Carriers ( Part one)
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XL Axiata: Revamp, Rise, and Reinvent for digital transformation

Telcos must satisfy the demand for data services with an experience that keeps users happy.

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Airtel: A lot to learn, a lot to gain

Consumers'lives are getting far more digital, and they expect service providers to keep pace.

Synergy of Cloud and Network, Bring Cloud Service Differentiations to Enterprises

How do carriers take on synergizing cloud&network service as key differentiation?

Opportunities Present Themselves to Operators in the B2B Market

Industry boosts in the B2B market meet new enterprise service requirements.

Vernon Turner: Current Trends in IoT

IoT is on the horizon, trends are emerging, and the potential for innovation is high.

Embrace the Cloud to be a Digital Enterprise

What is the purpose of digital transformation? What value will it create?

On the Road to 5G

Operators should focus their preparations on three areas: infrastructure, operations, and ecosystem.

Analysys Mason Talks About the Future of Digital Operations

There‘s three very imprortart characteristics of digital operations in the future.

On the Road to Digital Transformation, All Cloud Networks Pave the Way

Building all cloud networks takes concerted effort between all industry players.

4.5G Evolution - Where Technology Meets Business Growth

4.5G Evolution is broken down into three key steps: Go Giga, Go Vertical, and Go Cloud.

Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu: Giving 5G More Vitality and a Longer Life Cycle

Only with greater vitality and a longer life cycle will 5G provide better returns on investment to investors.

WTTx Opens A New Era of Mobile Broadband Connection

WTTx can provide up to 75% in broadband network rollout cost savings to unconnected households.

Precise User Identification to Accelerate Home Broadband Construction

Operators must focus on precise FTTx investments, identify valuable users before constructing networks.

User Experience Improvement Drives Increases in Operator Broadband Profits

User experience has become vital for operators to stay competitive.

Achieving Value-driven Growth

Dr. Mohamed Madkour describes the 4 key drivers behind the increase of global MBB network demand.