Telecom Energy Solution

Telecom Energy Solution

Huawei has integrated information and interconnection technologies with power electronics to create the Smart Site Solution — a solution that digitalizes and interconnects intelligent network facilities. The solution incorporates a Software-Defined Power (SDP) architecture that enables you to manage ‘Watt with Bit.’ It also maximizes operations and energy efficiency. The solution is based on Huawei’s extensive experience in building the telecommunication networks and our focus on customers’ needs.

Huawei telecom power product capacities range from 30A to 24,000A. Power products include systems for indoor, outdoor, embedded, and Central Office (CO) applications. They include Distribution Power Systems (DPS) and hybrid power, as well as a site energy management system. Huawei telecom power products adapt easily to a variety of telecommunication networks. We also offer integrated power solutions for intelligent video surveillance systems and solutions for site sharing of tower vendors. Our solutions simplify site deployment, increase networks’ energy efficiency and improve O&M efficiency. What’s more, our solutions will help customers unleash their sites’ potential and maximize their Total Value of Ownership (TVO).

Huawei has deployed more than 2 million sets of telecom power products in over 170 countries. Huawei also has received a number of industry awards, such as the Product Innovation Leadership Award in Telecom Energy Solutions, DC Power Global Product Leadership Award for the DC Power Market, and the 98% Efficiency Rectifier Recommended Excellent Solution Award.

Customer Value



Installation and deployment are easy to manage(integrated network management can be deployed within one day,App is visible and manageable)



Site-level high efficiency (SIEE up to 95%, save 6,000kWh at a 5kW site per year)



System/site level reliability, proactive O&M (SOH management)

Technical Topics

Three measures: Delivering a greener future

Adoption of cutting-edge power electronics technologies for electrical power, improvement of equipment energy efficiency, and large-scale application of solar power are three key measures.

On-site energy reductions: Methods & concerns

Energy consumption is a major portion of a telecom's OPEX, particularly in the developing world. Most of the energy that telcos consume is derived from fossil fuels, directly or indirectly, and is therefore unsustainable. 

Establishing efficient power & environmental monitoring systems

Base stations are the key energy consumers on any mobile network; their monitoring and upgrade are essential if operators are to compete.

Uninterrupted remote site power supply

Uninterrupted power supply for remote sites has been a challenge since the founding of the wireless industry, but alternative sources have a chance of succeeding where traditional solutions have failed.