OptiXaccess MA5801S (Blade OLT)

Huawei OptiXaccess MA5801 (Pizza OLT)

The MA5801 is a compact and low-density box-shaped OLT, and provides multiple fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions to meet the requirements of economical and efficient network construction. In Huawei AirPON solution, it can be flexibly deployed in a M50 cabinet in fixed mobile convergence (FMC) scenario, national broadband coverage scenario, and enterprise's all-optical campus scenario. The MA5801 supports two types of subracks: eight GPON ports, and four XG-PON & GPON combo ports.

With the continuous promotion of new services, such as 4K/VR videos, home networks, and network cloudification, optical fiber access has become an important means for countries around the world to popularize broadband networks. As optical fiber access nodes keep moving closer to end users, OLTs are closer to end users. Deployment scenarios are complex and diversified. In this case, network needs OLTs with small volume and low density.

Product Highlights

Fixed & mobile synergy:

In fast fixed mobile convergence (FMC) scenarios, mobile carriers fully use existing resources of backhaul networks and cabinet space when constructing FTTH networks. They deploy the MA5801 inside a mobile cabinet and route drop cables at a short distance so that nearby households can be covered under networks. All these implement fast deployment and fast go-to-market, shorten return on investment (ROI) periods, and achieve positive cycle of business.

Rapid deployment of general coverage and low density areas:

In national broadband coverage scenarios, remote areas have low population density. The MA5801 can be used together with C++ GPON optical modules supporting high optical power budgets and one-stop outdoor site solutions to achieve fast coverage of long-distance FTTH networks. Some geographical conditions are complex, such as islands and mountainous areas, and therefore they consume high upstream optical fiber routing costs and long periods. In these scenarios, it can be used together to achieve long-distance and reliable FTTH access, saving 70% deployment time, and balancing investment and network coverage.

Private Line Access in Enterprise Campuses, Supporting Flexible Deployment and Management

In an enterprise's all-optical campus scenario, carriers can perform construction and O&M on all-optical networks on the campus network or lease them to campus or related enterprises based on MA5801 to deploy all-optical access services on enterprise campus networks and explore B2B service blue ocean markets to support long-term growth.