OptiXaccess MA5801S (Blade OLT)

OptiXaccess MA5801S (Blade OLT)

MA5801S is an outdoor compact OLT for the gigabit era, providing end users with optimal experience. It provides 16 GPON ports and can be flexibly deployed at mobile sites to implement Fixed-mobile Convergence (FMC) and fast network construction.

Product Highlights

High Density with 16 GPON Ports: Provides 16 GPON service ports, and can work with GPON optical modules to implement GPON access.

Pre-connected Without Splicing: The end-to-end pre-connection makes devices plug-and-play and eliminates the need of fiber splicing.

Light and Compact: The device weighs no more than 15 kg and has a volume of only 12 Liters. A single person can install the device.

Flexible Deployment: The device can be mounted on a pole or wall, and can be combined with a BBU. One person can deploy one device in 15 minutes.

Application Scenario

Driven by new services such as 4K, virtual reality (VR), home networking, and network cloudification, fiber access becomes an important measure for countries around the world to popularize broadband networks. The fiber access industry is booming. As fiber access nodes continue to move downwards, OLTs are also moving closer to end users, and deployment scenarios become more complex and diversified. The MA5801S provides multiple FTTx solutions to meet the requirements of economical and efficient network construction. It can be flexibly deployed in fast fixed mobile convergence (FMC), national broadband coverage, and enterprise all-optical campus scenarios.